Week Preview: August 27 - Sept.1

Sublime Saturday Series returns in September! Keep Saturday, September 29th open for 'Our House'! A in house competition where you can test your fitness with your fellow Sublime members, three events to cover different aspects of fitness. More details to come!


Foundation - FSQ + Pull Ups & Squats & Rowing

Building - BSQ + Ditto!



Everyone: WhiteBoard Workout! (Running/Box Jumps/WB/Burpees)


Wednesday & Thursday:

Foundation - Landmine Press & Curls + GHR & Pull Aparts + Sled Mania

Building - FSQ + Sled Mania



Everyone - Running & Pull Ups + Sled & Bike



Partner Workout! (P-Cl/Deadlift/Box Jump/KBS/DU/Bike)

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